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Many Arizonans are known to go to border towns like Nogales, Sonora to have sex with prostitutes. Often times the hookers are underage girls. Prostitution is rarely enforced in most Mexican cities including Nogales, Sonora less than an hour drive south of Tucson, Arizona. However, Mexican Police Officers are cracking down on those that solicit underage teens. A street recruiter in Nogales, Sonora "matter of factly" talks about a known whore house on the outskirts of this Mexican border city of over , people: "It's a place called 'Bush Town. News 13's Paul Cicala and Duane Peeler posed as Americans interested in finding prostitutes in order to expose the sex tourism problem in Nogales.

The two-man-crew shot the interviews from a concealed camera to protect their journalistic identity and ensure their safety. However, the man emphasizes he doesn't solicit underage women. But he does acknowledge some people do , including Arizonans. Dozens of recruiters in Nogales serve much like pimps, trying to convince Arizonans just crossing the border to go to strip bars that also have prostitutes.

Our News 13 Crew was swarmed by many recruiters literally moments after crossing the international border into Nogales, Sonora. In some cases, the street pimps even encourage Americans to go to whore houses known to have underage girls. A man who calls himself "Efrain" intercepts people at the border to promote Strip Clubs. Many of the Adult Night Clubs in Nogales, Sonora are known to also have hookers, who make themselves available for sex when visitors pay for a "private lap dance.

Efrain says, "I bring Americans to the bars and try to get Americans to have a good time out here. He says, many are looking specifically for prostitutes that are under years-old. When asked whether or not he's ever referred people to whore houses with underage girls, he says, "No comment. The reason why I say 'No comment' is I don't want to expose my business and reputation out here.

It very much is real, and it is a growing problem. Carol Smolenski, an activist in Nogales says, "This is a terrible sex abuse problem. Just because the underage prostitutes in Mexico are poor and vulnerable, doesn't make it any better to sexually abuse them.

Nogales, Sonora Police Officers were unable to talk on camera.

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